6Darien “Mentoring Out of the Box” Success!

Part of our Mentoring Out of the Box program, Broadway performers Bret Shuford, Charissa Bertels, Jerold Goldstein, and Kristin Huffman were joined by college interns Savannah Lobel, Troyer Coulter, and Nate Whiple for the customized and informative shows for the Darien School System. Click here to read more!    
                                         NPT has been hired to perform or teach in many other K-12 schools. Please write to                                                      info@nptheatre.org for details or call 646-342-3200 to speak to the Kristin Huffman.

NPT Youth Board

The NPT Youth Board is a group of involved teen leaders that run monthly board meetings where they brainstorm fundraising, special events, and volunteer ideas to advance the NPT mission.  Perks include:

  1. Fund and business development experience
  2. Public speaking development
  3. Master level and Broadway star mentoring access
  4. Production and performance of Youth Board “new works”
  5. Perform exclusively on stage shows with the Broadway stars
  6. Satisfy volunteer credits and/or service learning

The Youth Board manages a weekly blog, Twitter, and Facebook account, as well as serve as singing waiters for other nonprofit events.  They continue to perform alongside our Broadway professionals, along with caroling to senior homes over the winter months.  They take part in master classes with our entertainment professionals, and also produce the Sunday Spotlight© – a bi-monthly virtual master class featuring various professionals in the entertainment industry.

Summer productions that include conservatory-level master classes in addition to students working side-by-side with Broadway pros. 

 So Ya Wanna Be a Broadway Star©

Our master class event & competition in an American-Idol style, where students can audition for NYC Broadway professionals, such as casting directors, conductors, composers, and actors.  Contestants receive constructive “real world” feedback and positive advice.  This two-day competition provides contestants access to Broadway industry professionals, such as Paul Bogaev, Jamibeth Margolis, Richard Sabellico, Barry Moss, William Wade, Maureen Hamill, Randye Kaye and Susan Campochiaro Comfey.

Artistic Director Master Class

Our Producing Artistic Director, Kristin Huffman, conducts master classes and judges competitions nationally – University of Bridgeport, University of Hartford, National Association of Teachers, Heritage World Strides Choir Competitions, Music in the Parks Competitions, Western CT State University, ECA Magnet Schools, Association of Fundraising Professionals, and the Barnum Festival, as well as many other high schools and colleges throughout Connecticut and the Tri-State Area for NPT.

Artistic Director Kristin Huffman and Executive Director Jamibeth Margolis frequently provide master classes in theatre and voice for high schools and colleges.

College Intern Program
NPT’s college interns are included in the theatre’s productions for partnered nonprofits.  Our Broadway professionals and master level instructors educate interns with real life examples for future application and job readiness.  The interns often perform as singing waiters at events, and even deliver live commercials which they produce and perform during the show for “business” sponsors. College interns also have the opportunity to attend master classes with Broadway professionals, along with leadership opportunities mentoring our high school teen board.

College interns are from the University of Hartford, Pace University, Western CT State University, and NYU to name a few…