Who We Are

We are New Paradigm Theatre Co., a professional nonprofit theatre mobilizing the power of performance art to reach beyond one community, town, city and county.

As a virtual community-based organization with a back-office headquartered in Stamford, CT, we are a theatre on the move featuring Broadway, film, and television professionals in on-site performances for nonprofit, corporate, and exclusive at home events.

Our professional productions are purposefully designed with a limitless reach because NPT understands that theatre and art are key components of a healthy culture. Let’s collaborate for a one-of-a-kind performance, and move our society forward with a healthier climate of interdependence and growth!


NPT’s Holiday Show and Summer Production are a chance to display our mission in action.  Broadway pros side-by-side with our young leaders.  See our upcoming calendar and shows for more information on this year’s productions. 

NPT’s Customizable Cabarets are events designed and produced to enhance special events for nonprofits, corporations and private individuals.

We work with you and/or your organization to create and perform a unique cabaret show with our Broadway, Film and TV artists. Our combination of traditional theatre and multimedia extends to the usual theatrical experience to involve business and nonprofit partners in unique ways, while including mentoring opportunities with our Teen Youth Board, college interns, adults, and seniors.

The Broadway Babes sang for the United Way of Milford to rave reviews! All who attended agreed it was a fabulous night. Kristin was able to showcase the work of the United Way in her song selection and even brought some of our nonprofit directors on stage. It was entertaining and delivered a message too. She and her Babes impressed with their voices and stage presence – a class act! – Gary Johnson, President of the United Way of Milford


Our Theatre Arts education enhances a student’s complete intelligence through classes, seminars and workshops, placing the student side by side with a master professional, who combines artistic techniques with experiential and project-based learning activities.

NPT’s transformative learning platform of professionals and students collaboratively working shoulder to shoulder fosters creative and critical reasoning skills necessary for problem solving, global thinking and leadership growth.



A Call to Action: Theatre Arts Hub at Stamford, CT


Our network and professional team is comprised of experienced Broadway actors, directors, producers and investors.  Our performance art standard is to bring the highest-caliber talent to the Stamford area to further grow Stamford’s art industry’s talent cache.  Partnering with local community arts groups in Stamford would expand our collective theatre arts hub of performing artists, along with providing jobs and internships.

In addition to the classic repertoire of musicals and plays, NPT’s “New Works” series can serve as a platform for developing works in preparation for Broadway or Off Broadway.  Let’s work together to make Stamford the “birth place” for emerging artists in theatre or pop/rock musicians.

Join us and let’s increase the art foot traffic in Stamford!