Broadway in a Box

So much has been happening that I can hardly keep up but I have to share our new video for our
“Broadway in a Box” concept.

Mark Holleran is on our board and is also  and we are thrilled with his work for us on all our videos.

This one will be a game changer for us as Jamibeth has already sent it and a One Sheet on our program to some terrific booking agents in NYC who have taken us on.  

We also have some awesome gigs coming up here in CT.   NINE new gigs to be exact! They just kept pouring in this week and I will share them with you soon.  The one that is coming up fast is Sept 30th at the Hyatt in Greenwich for a great non profit: AT Home in Greenwich:

Broadway performers, Bret Shuford, Fred Rose, Gwendolyn Jones and yours truly will be performing a customized concert for them with the wonderful David Maiocca as our accompanist.


“So Ya Wanna Be a Broadway Star?” applications are now posted and you may go to our site and apply for this year’s exciting contest!  

The application fee is only $35 if you register before Oct 1st.  Also tickest for the audience can be purchased now for a reduced rate of $20. 

We are taking Facebook Favorite submissions on our facebook page as well and the winner will be shown at the Contest this year too!  

Booking some great judges and fabulous prizes including your featured role in our NPT Holiday show with the Broadway stars!  

Looking forward to seeing you all at the 2nd Annual SO YA WANNA BE A BROADWAY STAR? Competition!! at the Bijou Theatre in Bridgeport! It’s gorgeous!