There has been much to celebrate with NPT!

Our new Acting Managing Director and business manager, Michelle Hopson, has been taking us to the next level with business and great non profit advice.   Check updated website for streamlined mission and other great changes.

This weekend is our biggest event so far!  I was asked to produce the Norwalk Symphony’s first Pops concert by the daughter of the dean of my college.  Both of us are midwesterners and both teachers. Becki also wanted the show to be outdoors and to be offered for free!

Becki and I agree on much about teaching, mentoring and involving community partners, so it was easy to collaborate on this.  Well, easy in our brains.

Much hard work over the last two months but it all happens tomorrow, Sunday! July 12th. 3pm in Cranbury Park- Norwalk.

I was able to get soooo much publicity on this event. I am proud of the coverage with the latest being TWO articles in Here is one:

NPT kids and some of our adult singers are backing both Fred Rose and me on three numbers. Blow Gabriel, Anthem (from Chess) and Oklahoma.

We have six total non profits involved in this!  Musical Theatre of CT is one with their MTC glee kids singing “There’s no business like show business”.   Crystal Theatre has their kids (and a former student of theirs and NPT’s FIRST “So Ya Wanna be a Broadway star winner”) Cidalia Alves singing Hungarian Nights with their younger students backing her up.

Norwalk Youth Orchestra kids and some Darien Music for Youth students get to sit in with the pro orchestra and learn from them!

Finally Paul Bogaev is conducting.  Wow what an experience for everyone to get to work with this Grammy and Tony award winner!

And TV and Film star,Scott Bryce, is probably the greatest host ever for an event like this! He’s an NPT board member as well.

I just have to keep my head tomorrow and follow my “to do list” with my amazing assistants Ilayda and Jake.  🙂

COME ON OUT AND HAVE FUN WITH US!  I would suggest arriving by at least 2pm. 🙂 Concert starts at 3pm.

Here are some rehearsal videos for you!

Oklahoma, from the “singer’s” perspective, with Fred and NPT kids

Part of the West Side Story Medley

Cid singing with Crystal Theatre!