NPT Holiday Show Review and pictures

Very excited to share the Holiday Show’s review and some pictures with you!

Also a testimonial from one of our sponsors (Day #3) in the 12 Days of Christmas:
Dear Kristin, 
I don’t even possess the words to describe last night, but I’ll try..
It was swooooning, joy, laughter, love and more.  The cast, the kids, the music, the humor, 
with my favorite clients in a party holiday atmosphere.  Like a dream..
Just Wow!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for a night I will always cherish and memories I will never forget. Thank you for getting me involved with your confident exuberance when I was on the fence. It was the best, and most fun thing I have ever done in our 18 years in business.
I hope our paths cross again, as it is always our desire to participate and support a worthy cause.
Happiest of Holidays, 

Jay Martel
A-CPC Advanced Certified Professional ChildProofer