Will You Be Birdie?

March 15, 2019 

BYE BYE BIRDIE – Video audition guidelines:

If you are submitting your video for the role of “Conrad Birdie”  JUST FOLLOW THESE  SIMPLE STEPS:

*Please note, at this time we are only looking for performers 18+ (to play early 20’s – early 30’s) for the part of “Conrad Birdie” in our August 16th and 17th production of Bye Bye Birdie.  Auditions for other adult roles will be live, and announced at at later date. 

Conrad Birdie (Baritone): He’s a rock star. This is the iconic role of the show. In your video audition, you must sell the vocals. We also need to see, very clearly, the physicality of Birdie. The show was loosely based on Elvis’ entrance into the army. Give us a few king-like indications of the guy, but don’t go full-blown Elvis.

Requirements for creating your Bye Bye Birdie three minute audition video and materials (send to BirdieNPT@gmail.com)  

IN YOUR SUBMISSION EMAIL                           

  1. Attach Head shots and resume
  2. Attach your video (details below)

Also click here to submit the info form: Submission Form–Birdie NPT


  1. Introduction   
  2. Sing two (2) songs: “Honestly Sincere”    and a song of your own choosing    
  3. Dialogue side  “Conrad Birdie Scene”. 

Download the song and scene by clicking on the words:  Honestly Sincere   and    Conrad Birdie Scene

  • INTRODUCTION:  Tell us about yourself.  Short introduction should include your name and why you would be a great “Conrad Birdie” in our production. The “about me” portion of the video should be no longer than 30 seconds, but  please still sing 2 songs even if it’s collectively longer than 3 minutes.
  • Perform two (2) short songs (one from the show – see download above– and one of your choosing) We suggest 32 bars or so of your song choice. If you play guitar we would like to see you do that on one of the songs. NO a cappella is allowed for video submissions. You must sing to a background track, accompany yourself, or have someone accompany you.  Below is a background track on youtube:
    The cut we have for you starts at  1:27  and goes to   2:12  on this.  The intro starts two measures before you sing. See the link below and find those time codes to use this track. 
  • Include one scene that we provided above for you to download from the script. Please have a “reader” off camera.


Fill out the form above (which will come to us via google docs) and send us your video link or file with your resume/headshot attached. Send to: BirdieNPT@gmail.com  You can upload it to youtube for easy access or Vimeo. You can also send a file. 

Dress however you like, but remember we are also casting based on how you would look for the part.

Requirements to be considered:

  1. You must be available for rehearsals (at Emmanuel Church – 285 Lyons Plain Rd. Weston CT) starting July 29th through the show dates, Aug 16th and 17th (three shows at Black Rock Church Theatre in Fairfield CT). We will not consider anyone who must miss more than two rehearsals and we cannot allow any missed rehearsals during tech week. We are able sometimes able to work with a person’s “work” schedule.  The first two weeks of rehearsals are in Weston CT. The tech week is at the Theatre in Fairfield CT. 

FOR REFERENCE: Most adult rehearsals are evenings from 6-9pm (variable calls) at Emmanuel Church – 285 Lyons Plain Rd. Weston.  Weekends are 11-7pm (variable calls) and the TECH/DRESS week is 3:00 – 10:00pm August 12, 13, 15, 2019 (Mon/Tues/Thurs) with three performances: August 16 (fri) & August 17 (sat) 2019. 

  1. Salary:  If you are AEA we are using a Guest Artist Tier One contract for 3 weeks (housing/travel per diem). If you are Non AEA we will be paying $300 per week for 3 weeks and housing/travel per diem). Please let us know if you have local housing. 
  2. We will be narrowing all the submissions down to the best finalists.  If you are chosen for the finals you must be available to sing at our Gala in a “live callback” on May 5th – 4-6pm so that our audience (and your friends) can vote on you for the role.  This is how we will choose the role. For these finals you must provide your own transportation and housing in CT. If you cannot do this, please do not submit your materials.

3. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS – MARCH 15   to   BirdieNPT@gmail.com



  • All Finalists will be given the chance to perform as a soloist at our Gala on May 5th in a “live callback”  (with  Broadway pros)
  • All Finalists will be given the chance to perform before all three shows in August.
  • All Finalists will be given a complimentary chance to attend our “How to get a NY agent”  event in June with Jeremy Sickels from The Daniel Hoff agency for feedback and  connections.  
  • All Finalists will be given 2 complimentary tickets to Bye Bye Birdie. 
  • All Finalists will received a 30 minute “Entertainment Business coaching called The  Business of the Business” and from Emmy Nominated actor and director Scott Bryce
  • All Finalists will receive a Free half hour Voice coaching from Broadway veteran and  NPT Artistic Director Kristin Huffman 
  • All Finalists will receive the Press and PR surrounding the competition for this role !


  • Professional role for your resume
  • Professional Fee for services (Actors Equity Guest Artist Tier One or Non union $300 per week + housing)
  • Footage from the show cut into a demo reel for your website or youtube channel 
  • FAN CLUB! created for you from May 5 through the end of the show which includes TV appearances and all PR for the show.  NPT’s Teen Youth Board members will create a “Fan Club” specifically to promote you for the three months leading up to the production.  Some features include extensive social media (twitter, facebook, instagram posting), and all around crashing the boards in PR for you!
  • And all finalists perks. 

Guidelines for a successful video audition:

  • Videos should be approximately 3 minutes in length.
  • It is important that we can see and hear you! Please check the audio on your video before sending to BirdieNPT@gmail.com.  Youtube is preferred method of viewing. 
  • Do not over-edit your video. We prefer stripped down performance and would much rather see a straightforward, un-edited performance that shows both your personality and talent.
  • Make sure your contact information is part of the video itself. Say your name in your intro. You should have your name and contact info on the video itself as well. 

SEND ALL MATERIALS TO :  BirdieNPT@gmail.com