The Bye Bye Birdie Experience – Student Applications

January 2019 

“Lights, Camera, Action!”


A Unique Professional Performing Experience for Young Actors

Your top three reasons to apply for New Paradigm Theatre’s summer intensive and show:

1. NPT Makes Connections: You’ll perform elbow-to-elbow with our professional Broadway, Film and TV pros.

2. NPT Creates Experiences: You’ll take conservatory-level classes as a part of your rehearsal experience. This year we focus on Film, TV, commercial and technical work as our version of Bye Bye Birdie will have live camera work woven throughout the show!

3. NPT Mentors Leaders: You’ll learn more than just how to become the next Broadway star.  Learn the skills you need as a young leader through the work we do with our social justice partner non profits in the community.

* Young people of all abilities, ages 8-18 years, may apply.

Please read the information below thoroughly and submit your application by clicking on “DOWNLOAD APPLICATION” at the bottom AND emailing it to

Once approved you will then pay your deposit. 

Watch our short video featuring our summer training and show HERE


Rehearsals start: July 29 (Monday- Sunday for the first week, Tuesday-Sunday 2nd week, Tech schedule below for the 3rd week)

Rehearsal Location: Emmanuel Church – 285 Lyons Plain Rd. Weston

Weekday rehearsals:
12-5pm for youth
6-10 pm for adults (and some leading role youth)

Weekend rehearsals:
12-7pm ALL cast (but specific calls times TBD)

Please read Tech and Show schedule carefully as we do not allow any absences during this time period.

Tech/Dress Week Rehearsals for all cast:
August 12, 13, 15, 2019 (Mon/Tues/Thurs) 3:00 – 10:00pm

Three shows the weekend of August 16 (Friday evening show) &
August 17 (Saturday matinee and evening show)

Show Location:
Black Rock Church, 3685 Black Rock Tpke, Fairfield
* Young people of all abilities, ages 8-18 years, may apply


Every year NPT finds a unique way to present the summer production and tie it into another local nonprofit whose mission reflects the show’s theme.

For OLIVER: We partnered with The Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport as the OLIVER theme was “Homelessness to Hunger to Hope”. The cast volunteered at their soup kitchen and raised money for this charity. We included some of their young people in our cast and in our extensive PR.

For PETER PAN: We partnered with KEYS (free instrumental lessons for youth in need) and included children from their program on scholarships in the show as well as fund raised during our Prologue Bazaar before each show for this charity. The cast chose to continue volunteering at the soup kitchen.

For HUNCHBACK: Our partnership was with the CT Burns Care Foundation as the “Hunchback” was treated in a similar way to those with burns. Our cast volunteered at the soup kitchen.

For BYE BYE BIRDIE: Our board will be seeking applications from other non profits that will echo the themes in this show. Examples might be: Veterans, youth leadership, and more! A visit to the soup kitchen is already planned!


During our rehearsals for Bye Bye Birdie students who are registered in our program receive many break-out master class sessions with professionals from the Film, TV, Commercial and Broadway industry.  We are using live camera work during our production this year and many of our master classes will focus on acting on camera, commercials, voice overs, video production and more related to this part of the industry. 

Some confirmed classes include:  

Scott Bryce (Emmy nominated) – Film and TV and “The Business of the Business”

Mark Holleran (Film/Commercial producer)- Commercial work

Randye Kaye (Author, Voice over, NPR, Actor)- Voice Over work

Kristin Huffman (Broadway Veteran, Artistic Director and Producer) – The “Art” of the Audition






There will be many roles for youth and adults in this show as well as “pop out” solos and lines that will be assigned after the callbacks once registration is complete. Adult auditions will be announced at later date.

Any student who registers before February 28th will be giving $100 off of the full tuition.  

You can also attend our free Triple Threat class on March 9th to try us out and then register that day for $100 off the full price! 

They may also be considered for one of the following special events:

1. NY Children’s Theatre and NPT collaborative “New Works” show in May both in NYC on Theatre Row and in CT. (subject to roles that are needed once shows are chosen)

2. Performing in “May Day for Mayday” (our NPT benefit concert on May 5th with Broadway pros)

Youth and Teens- Experienced students (from Peter Pan, Oliver, Hunchback or Holiday productions) will be offered the chance to register without the required video, pre-screen
audition. Anyone new to our theatre will be required to submit an audition video before being approved.

The three week training, classes, rehearsals and three shows of Bye Bye Birdie with Broadway, film and TV pros is $799 (roughly $266 per week).

***Everyone must submit a non-refundable deposit of $200. This will be applied to your entire payment. For those on a tight budget, you may finish your payment in full or you can go on an installment plan that will be billed each month until your payment is complete. You are guaranteed a spot if you have submitted your deposit but you must complete your full payment by March 30th.  

Your deposit must be received within a week of your application’s approval.

We are only accepting a limited number of students this year. NPT has fostered many young professional performers who are also getting roles with other companies from Broadway to local regional theatres. We take great pride in the training we offer and think that our unique approach of having the students perform side-by-side with the pros, as well as the concept of tying our work into another local community issue, is one of the reasons we turn out these great young leaders.

Some students may be offered partial scholarships based on need and as determined by the NPT board of directors. If you would like to apply for a partial scholarship, please send a detailed cover letter outlining your economic need to We only have limited number of scholarships that may be available until March 30th.


NPT’s Press and PR each year has included appearances on Channel 8 and Channel 12, stories in all local papers and the CT Post, appearances on radio, and social media posting and blogs.

Please contact Kristin Huffman at with any questions.



1. Click here to download your application.

2. Click here to pay your online deposit.

Or you may mail the $200 deposit to:
New Paradigm Theatre Company, Inc.
c/o Martin, DeCruze & Company, LLP
2777 Summer Street, Suite 401
Stamford, CT 06905

Your deposit must be received within a week of your application’s approval.

New Paradigm Theatre Company is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit theatre fostering creative problem solvers, leaders, and global citizens through theatre arts education and productions.



Courtney Laine Self- Director/Choreographer

Chris Coogan – Musical Director

Mark Holleran and Holleran Media– Technical Director (Film/TV/Commercial producer)

Scott Bryce – Technical Advisor

Kristin Huffman- Program Director 


My daughter first auditioned for NPT’s summer production of Oliver when she was ten years old. It was one of the best decisions we ever made. Not only was that summer fantastic because she made so many new friends, but it helped fast track her career in musical theatre because she got to work with so many Broadway professionals.

This experience opened a whole new world to her of performing with NPT that continued throughout the year with other shows. Each one helping to develop her skills, expose her to more seasoned professionals with a lifetime of stage, movie, and TV experience to share, and solidify friendships she has made within the NPT family.

It truly is a family that cares for each other as well as the community. NPT’s partnership with other non-profits has enlightened my daughter to the struggles of our neighbors. With NPT she began volunteering at various soup kitchens. This new sense of philanthropy has now extended to her life outside of NPT, and I’m so proud of her for this commitment to the community. Without her involvement with NPT, I don’t know that this would have happened at such a young age.

As a teenager now she is really looking forward to NPT’s production of Bye Bye Birdie. It’s going to be the best one yet!-  Jen Rubin (mom of Sienna- 13 years old)


NPT is absolutely amazing!  I can’t begin to explain how much my daughter has grown socially, vocally, & instrumental over the past 3 years working with NPT!  Her tremendous stage fright and social anxiety has gotten under control thanks to NPT!   She is a new person! Susie Semple (mom of Katie – 12 years old)


I cannot remember a time when our daughter, Sydney, did not want to pursue a future in theatre. Sydney has been involved with NPT in a variety of ways over the last several years, and she most recently performed in NPT’s Annual Holiday Show at the Fairfield Theatre Company. To promote the show, Sydney accompanied NPT’s Artistic Director Kristin Huffman to WTNH Channel 8 to appear on CT Style, which was definitely a thrill! This year’s cast of performers put Sydney in a unique position – as a high school performer, not only was she in a position to watch and learn from the professional performers, but she was also in a position to be a role model for the younger performers. Not unexpectedly at this time of year, Sydney became very sick just one week before the show and became quite hoarse. As a professional show with a fast-paced rehearsal schedule, back up plans were put in place, but she was determined to do what was needed to get on that stage.  A combination of vocal rest, tips from the pros on their tried and true home treatments, and the humbling, but no less satisfying, “sharing” of her featured part in one of the songs, allowed her to rehearse and perform both shows. NPT has always stressed the importance of honoring commitments, and we are incredibly proud of Sydney’s dedication and commitment to her director and cast (both adults and children).  She has also learned through her experiences that, while everyone wants to be a “star,” the goal is to put on the best show possible, an important lesson for performers of all ages. This show alone gave Sydney so many opportunities to learn about the life of a performer.- Mary Maher 


Gaby thoroughly enjoyed being part of the NPT HOLIDAY SHOW! We were unbelievably impressed with the performance of the entire cast. Such incredible talent! She was so thrilled to be a part of it. Gaby loves singing and being on stage, so I must say from beginning with her first experience with the “SO YA WANNA BE A BROADWAY STAR” competition to the HOLIDAY SHOW, this has been a truly magical experience for her. She is still talking about how awesome it was being on stage and performing with the Broadway stars and Miss CT! The positive energy, professionalism, feedback and encouragement from you, the cast, the judges and audience were amazing and have only fueled her passion. Thank you so much again!   – Stacy Richer


I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a wonderful experience it was to allow me to perform at The Norwalk Symphony Pops Concert.The event was very professionally organized and run from start to finish.The rehearsals were done in a timely manner such that the arrivals of the performers were not wasted.(I’ve done some so called “Professional”sessions that became a big time waster for all!!)
The most important aspect in my opinion was the opportunity for the young people that were involved both in the orchestra and the theatre groups to actually perform with the “pros”. To have someone of Paul Bogaev’s stature to conduct this event was like a “gift” of experience for all.I hope that the event was considered a success by the powers that be,and that they are looking to more events like this in the future.Thank You-Again  – Gabe


I want to thank the Norwalk Symphony Orchestra and New Paradigm Theatre for their warm hospitality, and for making the 2015 Pops Concert most enjoyable!  Having played with various musical groups, I felt very welcome and included in this well-organized ensemble.  The rehearsals went very well, maintained focus, and successfully achieved the goals of the conductor.  I was also impressed that additional “youth” musicians from the area were included, which surely helps in mentoring their future musical careers. This orchestra has a great future, and performs top quality, well-prepared music.  Thank you for inviting me to play.- Carlen Mandes- Professional Flutist


“I am so grateful that I won the New Paradigm Theatre’s, “So Ya Wanna Be a Broadway Star” because it has turned out to be a gift that keeps on giving. After I had used a few of my prizes, I realized that I had yet to use my “Savvy Actor Crash Course MBA weekend.”  I didn’t really know what it was all about, but saw that the expiration date was fast approaching and I didn’t want to lose it. I am so glad I didn’t because it was an amazing experience. The “Crash Course weekend” encompassed so many aspects for making theater a viable career choice. We learned new ways to set goals, marketing tools/resources, efficient business/personal financing tactics, etc. I had the opportunity to learn from knowledgable coaches who use tools and resources that all actors and performers should explore at some point. Kevin Urban, Jodie Bentley, and Doug Shapiro were fantastic; they guided a class of actors who were all at different points in their career through a weekend of self discovery; it was an extremely supportive environment. I learned about a whole new side to the acting business that I had yet to grasp before my weekend with Savvy Actor. It was really an invaluable experience, and I would definitely recommend working with this group for any actor looking to gain some more insight into this crazy theater business!”- Amanda Forker


Having a chance performing with Kristin and NPT at the Watermark at 3030 I had an amazing chance getting feed back from an older generation! They were great because they’re honest and polite. Not to mention they know more about old Broadway than I do. I love seeing the smiles on their faces and the smile they gave me!! I’ll definitely  perform more at the Watermark at 3030 Park Ave !   Nicholas Quinn

New Paradigm Theatre is much more than just a music theater program. We love it, especially for our children, because in addition to NPT’s core entertainment industry and performance experience, this unique organization offers it’s students an invaluable education in giving back, inclusion, and good citizenship.

My daughter was one of the youngest children to join New Paradigm Theater for a summer production in 2016.  She was tiny and inexperienced, but thankfully Kristin Huffman and her team saw a spark in her audition.  Since then, my daughter has joined NPT for several productions and concerts.  Each experience has been more positive, educational and exciting than the next for her. 

With NPT, Scarlet has had the pleasure of performing in creatively updated classic productions, meeting and performing for entertainment legends such as Sandy Duncan and Tamara Tunie, and has made wonderful friendships with the other performers.  She has also enjoyed learning from and performing along side some of the industry’s most talented artists. These generous professionals teach confidence, determination, and resilience, through a foundation of performance arts and appreciation of community service, which I know will last Scarlet a lifetime. – Tara Tanzer

Bluefish game where the kids got to sit in box seats and sing for the game!