Press for Hunchback

August 2018 

New Paradigm Theatre is proud of its platform to support diversity.

Riding on the heels of New Paradigm Theatre’s 2016 sold-out multi-ethnic production of Oliver! Reinvented and 2017’s Peter Pan at Fairfield Theatre’s Warehouse, NPT will continue their collective impact productions with The Hunchback of Notre Dame on August 18th (3pm and 8pm) and 19th(1pm).  NPT’s goal is to bridge the gap between the arts and the local community with their performances.  The show will take place at Fairfield Theatre Company’s Warehouse theatre, 70 Sanford St, Fairfield CT

Young people of all abilities will participate side-by-side with Broadway pros to create this production.  Emmy and Oscar winner Paul Bogaev will again be the musical producer as well as playing a leading role! TV and Stage veterans Scott Bryce and Jodi Stevens will co-direct.

NPT has chosen their community “partner nonprofit” that reflects the theme of this summer’s show. This year NPT chose The Connecticut Burns Care Foundation (CBCF) from the non profits who submitted.

Artistic Director and Broadway veteran, Kristin Huffman (Milford CT) says, “New Paradigm is a theatre with a social conscience. We produce events and shows that not only entertain with Broadway pros, but that also connect directly to our community.

Women Behind The Hunchback

Though The Hunchback of Notre Dame is thought to be a male-driven show, New Paradigm Theatre Company has put an emphasis on highlighting the strengths and talents of the women of the musical–both on and off stage. With a driven female- dominated production team, and an exemplary leading lady, this spectacular group of women are redefining women’s roles in Hunchback. They’re using their strengths to tell a beautiful story of love and hope. The women behind The Hunchback include: Leading lady Esmeralda played by Gina Naomi Baez, Artistic and Program Director Kristin Huffman, Co-Director Jodi Stevens, Choreographer Maria Cherniscke, Lighting Designer Elizabeth Stewart, Stage Manager Erin Joy Swank, Assistant Stage Manager Sage Frasilli, Costumes and Props Sarah Korn, NPT Youth Board Presidents Jullia Levine and Marie Fulde, Interns: Katherine Griffin, Jennifer Beveridge, Anna Martinsky, and NPT Treasurer Lynn Vetare.

The women behind The Hunchback left to right: Choreographer Maria Cherniske, NPT Youth Board President Julia Levine, Costume Designer Sarah Korn, Exec Dir of CT Burns Care Foundation Kathlene Gerrity, Leading lady Esmeralda played by Gina Naomi Baez, NPT Artistic Director Kristin Huffman, Hunchback Co-Director Jodi Stevens, marketing intern Anna Martinsky company manger intern Katherine Griffin, directing intern Jennifer Beveridge, Stage Manager Erin Joy Swank, Lighting Designer Elizabeth M. Stewart

Photo by Mark Holleran. Special effects by Chloe Glenn.

A disabled actor playing the role of a disabled character!  Patrick Tombs as “Quasimodo”

The New Paradigm Theatre Company is proud to announce Patrick Tombs to lead their summer production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Tombs, who was born with Arthrogryposis, a birth disorder that causes an infant to have atrophied muscles and stiff limbs will tackle the role of Quasimodo, who was born with a hunchback and feared by his townspeople. Tombs says, “It is my hope that we see more disabled people represented in the arts, but that only starts by us reclaiming those roles that fit our body features.” 

CT Burns Care Foundation partnered with NPT for Hunchback:

Each summer The New Paradigm Theatre Company partners with another nonprofit organization that reflects the theme of the summer production to raise money and awareness for issues and organizations surrounding the community. This year, NPT is proud to partner with the Connecticut Burns Care Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving and caring for survivors of burns, as well as providing awareness and education for preventing burn injuries. These survivors are often treated like outsiders or “other than” just like our Hunchback. As partnerships between the nonprofit and for-profit world continue to form in order to tackle social challenges from all sides, this type of collective impact production has become increasingly relevant and a vital component of a community.

Paul Bogaev, Genius or super villain?

Emmy and Grammy award winning musical producer, conductor, and composer Paul Bogaev returns to the New Paradigm Theatre Company stage playing the villain of The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Frollo. In previous years he has played the wicked pick-pocket Fagin in Oliver! Reinvented, as well as the cunning Captain Hook in Peter Pan. Bogaev’s focus on current trends in the industry help to keep NPT always pushing the envelope.  He has worked with stars from Beyonce to Streisand and has a wealth of experience to bring to Hunchback this year.

Multiple Nonprofit collaborations – Fairfield County Choral, Connecticut Burns Care Foundation, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Pequot Library, Salem Lutheran Church, Fairfield Theatre Company.

The New Paradigm Theatre Company is incredibly proud to have so many partners and sponsors helping and supporting their endeavors. This year, NPT is proud to be collaborating with several organizations such as the Connecticut Burns Care Foundation, The Pequot Library, Emmanuel Church, Fairfield County Choral,  Salem Lutheran Church and Fairfield Theatre Company, where the production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame will be held. These collaborations are integral to making The Hunchback of Notre Dame extraordinary, and New Paradigm Theatre is immensely grateful to these organizations for being part of the journey. And once again the entire cast will volunteer at the Norma Pfriem Outreach soup kitchen in Bridgeport, CT.

All-star husband and wife directing team

Emmy-nominated TV star Scott Bryce and Broadway veteran Jodi Stevens will be directing New Paradigm Theatre’s summer production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame at Fairfield Theatre Company. The husband and wife duo will be using their unique skill set to direct this production, and lead their team in creating this production.

Multi everything (abilities, cultural, gendered)

The New Paradigm Theatre Company is an organization that is well-known for their non-traditional and inventive casting. This summer’s production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame will feature several actors with special needs and actors who are disabled (including the title role!); as well as performers from many broad cultural backgrounds. Th cast ages range from 8 to 75 years old.  Broadway pros will be working alongside local adult and youth performers.  

Konversations with Keeme

Thirteen year old Ajibola Tajudeen, better known as Keeme, is the host of New Paradigm Theatre’s brand new web series debuting on , “Konversations with Keeme”. A show where Keeme interviews seasoned television and film professionals like Tamara Tunie of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and Renee Lawless of Tyler Perry’s The Have and the Have Nots, as well as Broadway veterans such as Paul Bogaev, Scott Bryce, Christine Dwyer, Kelly Grant, Juwan Crawley and Kristin Huffman. The series will follow Keeme’s interviews as he receives advice on “the business”, performing, and leadership from the leaders of the performing arts industry.

Keep checking back for more updates on the New Paradigm Theatre’s production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame!

Tickets: (You will be redirected to the FTC box office page) 

Saturday 3pm (Prologue Bazaar (indoor fair) begins at 2pm)

Saturday 8pm (Prologue Bazaar (indoor fair) begins at 7pm)

Sunday   1pm (Prologue Bazaar (indoor fair) begins at 12pm)