Konversations With Keeme, Watch Here!

June 2018 

New Paradigm Theatre Company 2nd season of the youth-led web series: Konversations with Keeme! on broadwayworld.com 

Click here to read the recent CT Post article! – by Joe Meyers

The New Paradigm Theatre Company (NPT)  is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to fostering young leaders through arts education and productions. One of their young leaders is thirteen year old Bridgeport youth, Ajibola Tajudeen, but you can call him Keeme. Keeme is the host of NPT’s web series on BroadwayWorld.com, now in its 2nd season.

In this weekly webseries Keeme interviews seasoned professionals from Broadway, television, and film such as Tamara Tunie of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Scott Bryce of As the World Turns, Christine Dwyer of Wicked and Jesus Christ Superstar: Live in Concert, and many more. On the show, they will “ask stuff and make stuff” and Keeme will receive insight into their careers and gain advice on how to be a leader, all the while, “making stuff” with the guest,  like cookies, picture frames, and other crafts. 

The web series is entirely youth-produced with Keeme in front of the camera and sixteen year old Jaden Bonfetti, from Milford, behind the camera, directing and editing. The title song and logo were also created by youth from NPT.  All these students are on NPT’s Youth Board of directors. These trailblazers are guided by NPT Artistic Director and Broadway veteran Kristin Huffman as their producer who helped them gain a spot on the popular broadwayworld.com platform as a featured weekly series. Each new five minute interview comes out on Wednesdays.  

About the series, Jaden Bonfietti says, “It’s so fun and helpful to meet all these professionals and not only hear stories about what they do, but to learn about leadership from them. I never really edited the way I do in the videos before Konversations with Keeme, but it’s cool that I can express Keeme’s style and personality through the edits and graphics as well as putting a tiny bit of my style into it as well.”  

Keeme says about the series concept, “Just to be able to give other young people the advice others have to pay hundreds for, for free, is a feeling that nothing can replace. I hope they learn something new in every show!”. 

The series streams on BroadwayWorld.com as part of their Education series with and will have a new interview each Wednesday.  

ABC Channel 8 interviewed Keeme and Jaden on June 28th. Click here to see that interview

  1. This week’s debut was with Emmy-nominated Scott Bryce, who is also directing NPT’s summer production of Hunchback of Notre Dame at Fairfield Theatre Co. –  Click here to be directed to the interview.  
  2. Our 2nd interview is LIVE with TV star Tamara Tunie – Click here to be directed to the interview. 
  3. Our 3rd interview is with Emmy and Grammy nominee, Paul Bogaev. Click here to be directed to the interview
  4. Our 4th interview is with TV star Renee Lawless “The Have and the Have nots” Click here to be directed to the interview
  5. Our 5th interview is with Broadway star, Christine Dwyer. Click here to be directed to the interview
  6. Our 6th interview is with Aladdin’s  Juwan Crawley: Click here to be directed to the interview
  7. Our 7th interview is with the CT Post’s Joe Meyers: Click here to be directed to the interview:
  8. Our 8th interview is with Phantom’s Kelly Jean Grant: Click here to be directed to the interview
  9. Our 9th interview is with Channel 12 “Our Lives host” Gwen Edwards: Click here to be directed to the interview
  10. Our 10th interview is with ABC Channel 8’s Keith Koontz: Click here to be directed to the interview
  11. Our 11th interview is with the stars of NPT”s Hunchback: Gina Naomi Baez and Patrick Tombs: Click here to be directed to the interview

KONVERSATIONS with Keeme will be back in November with all new stars to interview! 

Konversations with Keeme is produced with support from the Department of Economic and Community Development, Connecticut Office of the Artswhich also receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.