South Pacific Auditions for Adults

November 2019 

Adult Auditions for the co-production of South Pacific!

(Please scroll to the bottom of the page for the downloadable sides for each character)

In Concert with The Norwalk Symphony Orchestra and The New Paradigm Theatre will be held on November 23rd by appointment only by submitting materials to: (Please send headshot and resume. Be sure to include the role you would like to be seen for in the subject line of the email.)

November 23rd, Saturday
  • In Connecticut: 10am-12:30pm (youth finalists and non-singing adult roles as listed below). Please do not submit for ensemble or other roles not listed below.
  • In NYC:  3:30-9:30pm by appointment only (for Nellie, Emile, Mary, Billis, Cable). We will  not be hearing any ensemble or other roles.

NYC Auditions

  • Ensign Nellie Forbush (US Navy): Female, early to mid-20’s.  A spirited and optimistic young nurse from Little Rock, Arkansas, Nellie is somewhat naive.  She falls in love with Emile, but discovers the need to examine her core beliefs and confront her own racism as their relationship develops.  We are only hearing musical theatre voices for this role. Opera singers who know how to mix are fine to submit.  But we are not casting operatic voices in this role. A flat 3 to C5. AEA/NON-AEA.
  • Emile de Becque: Male, late 30’s-50’s. A wealthy, sophisticated and older French gentleman, de Becque has built an impressive plantation on the island. He claims to have killed a man in France, forcing him to flee the country. Emile is open minded and brave.  He is a devoted father to his two small children; his deceased wife was Polynesian.  He volunteers to serve as a spy for the American troops when Nellie calls things off between them.  Open to operatic voices.  A2 to E4. AEA/NON-AEA.
  • Bloody Mary: Female, 40’s.  A sassy Polynesian merchant who makes her living selling souvenirs to the American sailors, Bloody Mary tries desperately to find a rich husband for her daughter Liat who she thinks can give her a better life. G3 to C5. AEA/NON-AEA
  • Luther Billis: Male, 30’s to 40.  A loveable and crafty man who helps provide much-needed comic relief for his fellow sailors, Billis has little to no respect for authority and is always scheming, but he is a good friend to Nellie. He runs a laundry enterprise with a homemade washing machine.  AEA/NON-AEA
  • Lt. Joseph Cable (USMC): Male, late 20’s.  A handsome and intelligent officer, Cable is newly stationed on the island.  A brave soldier who served in active combat, Cable is war weary.  Falls in love with Liat despite his privileged Philadelphia upbringing.  D3 to G4. AEA/NON-AEA

CT Auditions

Children’s roles: 

  • Ngana – female  7-14 years old. Emile DeBeque’s first born who takes full advantage of being the older sibling. Excellent singing voice. Child alto. Ethnicity: Southeast Asian / Pacific Islander/Mixed Ethnic.
  • Jerome– male  7-14 years old Emile DeBeque’s youngest child; a precocious and curious young boy. Excellent singing voice. Child alto. Ethnicity: Southeast Asian / Pacific Islander/Mixed Ethnic.

Adult roles:

  • Capt. George Brackett (US Navy): Male, late 40’s-50’s.  The commanding officer and highest-ranking officer on the island, Brackett is slightly self-important, but he hides a heart of gold.  NON-AEA $150 per diem.
  • Cmdr. William Harbison (US Navy): Second-in-command on the island, Harbison is officious and hotheaded. He is Brackett’s right hand man. $150 per diem
  • Liat: Female, late teens-early 20’s. Bloody Mary’s beautiful Polynesian daughter, Liat falls in love with Lt. Cable.  NON-AEA  $150 per diem

REHEARSALS to start Feb 2nd, Sunday. One show on Saturday Feb. 8th, 7:30pm.

    • For AEA: Tier 2 Guest Artist contract with daily per diem, travel per diem and housing if necessary. 
    • For non-AEA leads: Payment will match AEA guest artist contract (Nellie or Emile) $475
    • For non-AEA supporting roles:  $300 plus housing if necessary and travel per diem. (Billis, Bloody Mary, Cable)
    • For other per diem roles the $150 as listed above. (non singing) 
    • Chorus will not receive a per diem. 

All actors and performers to be made aware of the Snow Date contingency of February 9, 2020.

Please download, learn and bring to the audition every scene and song that has your character’s name on it.

Nellie & Emile Scene #1  

Nellie & Emile Scene #2

Nellie & Emile Scene #3

Nellie Monologue

Emile song

Nellie #1 song

Nellie #2 song

Cable, Emile, and Bloody Mary Scene

Cable & Brackett Scene

Lt. Cable #1 song

Lt. Cable #2 song

Bloody Mary song

Billis Scene

Billis song

Harbison Scene