Tickets for Hunchback!

August 2018 


Riding on the heels of New Paradigm Theatre’s 2016 sold-out multi-ethnic production of Oliver! Reinvented and 2017’s Peter Pan at Fairfield Theatre’s Warehouse, (70 Sanford St, Fairfield CT).  NPT will continue their collective impact productions with The Hunchback of Notre Dame on August 18th and 19th. NPT’s goal is to bridge the gap between the arts and the local community with their performances. 

Young people of all abilities will participate side-by-side with Broadway pros to create this production.  Emmy and Oscar winner Paul Bogaev will again be the musical producer as well as playing a leading role! TV and Stage veterans Scott Bryce and Jodi Stevens will co-direct. 

New Paradigm theatre, a company well-known for its inventive productions that are presented with multi-cultural, multi- generational and multi-gendered casting has chosen their community “partner nonprofit” that reflects the theme of this summer’s show. This year NPT chose The Connecticut Burns Care Foundation (CBCF) from the nonprofits who submitted. For 40 years, CBCF has worked to support burn survivors as well as to present programs for education and advocacy to prevent burn injuries.

Artistic Director and Broadway veteran Kristin Huffman says, “New Paradigm is a theatre with a social conscience. We produce events and shows that not only entertain with Broadway professionals, but also connect directly to our community.” As partnerships between the nonprofit and for-profit world continue to form in order to tackle social challenged from all sides, this type of collective impact production has become increasingly relevant and a vital component of a community.


General seating for all tickets (except VIP) — please click on the date you would like to attend and you will be redirected to FTC’s box office.  

Saturday 3pm (Prologue Bazaar (indoor fair) begins at 2pm)

Saturday 8pm (Prologue Bazaar (indoor fair) begins at 7pm)

Sunday   1pm (Prologue Bazaar (indoor fair) begins at 12pm)

VIP TICKETS:  There are a total of 30 VIP seats available for each show. Once they sell out you can only buy general seating tickets. 

If you want to purchase VIP Tickets: 

1. They are $50 each and your seats will be reserved for you in the best seats (front two or three rows) The first people to purchase VIP tix will be in the very front row. Once that is filled up, VIP purchases will go into the 2nd row etc. They are all reserved with your name on the seats and these are all the best seats. 

2. Please send an email to immediately letting us know that you have put a check in the mail for the amount of seats you want reserved.  Example: “I have put a check in the mail for 5 VIP tickets/ $250. Please let me know you have received this email and the check.”   If you do not hear back within 24 hours after you send your email, we didn’t get it.

Send check to: (please write it exactly like this)
New Paradigm Theatre Company, Inc.
c/o Martin, DeCruze & Company, LLP
2777 Summer Street, Suite 401
Stamford, CT  06905

3. Your seats will not be reserved until we receive the check.  Please make it out to New Paradigm Theatre. We can take a CC over the phone as well but would prefer a check.

4. You will not get a physical ticket but will tell the box office your name (all tickets you purchase will be under one name) and they will allow you to go to your seats.

5. You should arrive 1 hour early during the Prologue Bazaar so that you can take your free backstage and onstage tour with our youth tour guides! 

Women behind The Hunchback:

Though The Hunchback of Notre Dame is thought to be a male-driven show, New Paradigm Theatre Company has put an emphasis on highlighting the strengths and talents of the women of the musical–both on and off stage. With a driven female- dominated production team, and an exemplary leading lady, this spectacular group of women are redefining women’s roles in Hunchback. They’re using their strengths to tell a beautiful story of love and hope.

The women behind The Hunchback left to right: Choreographer Maria Cherniske, NPT Youth Board President Julia Levine, Costume Designer Sarah Korn, Exec Dir of CT Burns Care Foundation Kathlene Gerrity, Leading lady Esmeralda played by Gina Naomi Baez, NPT Artistic Director Kristin Huffman, Hunchback Co-Director Jodi Stevens, marketing intern Anna Martinsky company manger intern Katherine Griffin, directing intern Jennifer Beveridge, Stage Manager Erin Joy Swank, Lighting Designer Elizabeth M. Stewart

Photo by Mark Holleran. Special effects by Chloe Glenn.