NPT Youth Board

The New Paradigm Theatre (NPT) is a nonprofit, professional theatre with a leadership mentoring program that includes a Youth Board of teens aged 13-19. 

These youth apply to be on the Youth Board of Directors and run the board exactly like the adult board of directors. They meet every month to discuss policy, fundraising events, and how to manage a nonprofit. 

They are masters of social media and handle:

BENEFITS include:

  1. Fund and business development experience
  2. Public speaking development
  3. Master level mentoring
  4. Broadway/TV/Film star mentoring access
  5. Production and performance in NPT shows and events
  6. Satisfy volunteer credits and/or service learning for school
  7. A great resume-builder
  8. Professional recommendation letters from staff and entertainment professionals

The Youth Board champions NPT’s Sustainable Harmony © program, an initiative that inspires local commitment and caring–and an altruistic revolution towards interdependence as social currency by way of artistic performance, collaboration, and mentorship. The video below speaks on behalf of Sustainable Harmony, and was created by a Youth Board member.


“NPT has been incredibly helpful for me over the years, not only because it has it given me amazing experiences with theatre, but taught me how to give back to the community. I have learned how to be a good leader and know how it feels to help people in need. Through our events, I have seen firsthand how we can help the people in our community, by giving a few hours of our time to volunteer and even the through effect of the message we give in the shows we put on. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that NPT has offered me that I would never have gotten otherwise and for helping me grow as a person and as a performer.” – Michelle Levine (17 yrs old -Trumbull) 
“NPT is a very welcoming environment. It allows you to experience an outlook on how to market ideas, discuss leadership postions, and make a difference in the theatrical world. While our mission statement is to foster creative problem solvers, leaders, and global citizens through the theatre arts, we fully support anyone with those passions and interests in making a difference!” -Nikayla Ashley (17 yrs old – Norwalk) 
“Joining the Youth Board of NPT has seriously changed my life. I have learned so much and I have grown so much as a person throughout my four years on the board. I started out as a very timid freshman who was nervous to talk during meetings, and I now run meetings as the President Emeritus of the board. I have grown out of my shell, which has lead me to take on leadership positions around my community. I have NPT to thank for this transformation and I will always be grateful to this organization!”         -Marie Fulda (17 yrs old – Fairfield) 

Our Current Youth Board

President: Emily Kopstein (Milford) 
President Emeritus:  Julia Levine  (Trumbull)
Treasurer: Sydney Maher  (Milford) 
Secretary: Michelle Levine  (Milford) 
Head of Marketing Committee: Sydney Maher  (Milford) 
Head of Board Recruitment Committee: Kayley Henderson (Milford) 
Board,  Jimi Wright, Michelle Levine, Julia Levine, Sydney Maher,  Jaden Bonfietti (Milford), Emily Kopstein (Milford),  , Ajibola Tajudeen (Bridgeport), Cameron Distinti (Trumbull), Sienna Rubin (Easton), Charlie Fisher (Westport), Marlena Ascher, Paul Litchfield (Stratford), Jenny Kirk (Milford) 

If you have a teen who would like to apply please write to with your interest. 

Our graduating seniors this year are attending:

 Jaden Bonfietti: HunterCollege/HousatonicCommunity College, Chemistry Major

Kayley Henderson: PaceUniversity,Double Majoring in Arts & Entertainment Management and Film/TV Studies

Julia Levine: Carnegie Mellon University, Dramaturgy Major

Michelle Levine: University of NewHampshire, Secondary Theatre Education Major

Sydney Maher: Western Connecticut State University, Musical Theatre Major

Jimi Wright:University of Florida, BiologyMajor

Some recent NPT Youth Board events include: Soup kitchen, Singing at a Blue Fish game, Performing at the Zoo (for Center for Family justice), our monthly meetings, attending production meetings for our summer production.

Youth Board monthly meetings
soup kitchen in Bpt
Face painting
Singing at Holiday show
Oliver grafitti
Appearances on TV
Serving at the soup kitchen
Dodger in Oliver
Youth In “Oliver”
Voice master class with artistic dir Kristin Huffman
Commercial Class
Visiting Seniors
Cast of Oliver
Meeting the big stars!
Singing in The Holiday show