Theatre Arts Education

Our theatre arts education programs places the learner elbow to elbow with the professionals, providing a learning-feedback platform that connects the arts to the real world.  Our learning, feedback platform feeds and nourishes the creative learner with problem-solving, interdependence and leadership skills for academic and job-readiness.

We promote education, immersion learning among (3) three demographic groups:

1. Youth & Young Adult Learner
2. Adults
3. Senior citizens

Programs that include our 3 (three) program constituents are:

  1. Sunday Spotlight©
  2. So Ya Wanna Be a Broadway Star©
  3. Nonprofit partnerships and linkages
  4. NPT’s Youth Board
  5. College internship
  6. Live/virtual master classes

Click here to read more about our Mentoring Program!

NPT Youth Board

A youth leadership council that cultivates creative problem solvers and leaders through the arts…
The NPT Youth Board is a group of involved teen leaders that run monthly board meetings where student leaders brainstorm fundraising, special events, and volunteer initiatives to advance the NPT mission.  Perks include:

  1. Fund and business development experience
  2. Public speaking development
  3. Master level and Broadway star mentoring access
  4. Production and performance of Youth Board “new works”
  5. Perform exclusively on stage shows with the Broadway stars
  6. Satisfy volunteer credits and/or service learning

The Youth Board champions NPT’s Sustainable Harmony © program, an initiative that inspires local commitment, a caring and an altruistic revolution towards interdependence as social currency by way of artistic performance, collaboration, and mentorship.

The Youth Board manages a weekly blog, Twitter, and Facebook account, as well as serve as singing waiters for other nonprofit events.  They continue to perform alongside our Broadway professionals, along with caroling to senior homes over the winter months.  They take part in master classes with our entertainment professionals, and also produce the Sunday Spotlight© – a bi-monthly virtual master class featuring various professionals in the entertainment industry.

ACTS: After Class Teaching Stars

Fostering creative leaders of tomorrow through theatre arts education…
NPT mobilizes its theatre company’s Broadway, Film and TV master artists to teach and enhance theatre art education programs throughout Fairfield County.

  • After School at The Klein (ASK) – Bridgeport, CT – An after-school program partnered with The Klein for middle and high school students in the Bridgeport area.   ASK offers classes in theatre, hip hop, commercial production, sketch-up, puppetry, film and TV, and Broadway Dance with our NPT professionals, as well as partnerships with KEYS – a nonprofit offering individual instrument lessons.  Click here to see details of the ASK program!
  • CASSA Program – Stamford, CT – CASSA is an after-school partnership with The Stamford Family YMCA’s Community Theatre Group and Cloonan Middle School in Stamford, CT. Students are offered theatre arts education classes in voice, dance, acting, film & TV productions as part of the STEAM curriculum for the 21st Century after-school grant.

“Mentoring Out of the Box” is a value that advances New Paradigm Theatre Co.’s mission of fostering creative problem solvers, leaders, and global citizens through theatre arts education and productions.

PrintNPT’s “Mentoring Out of the Box” initiatives like ASK at The Klein are made possible by the Harvey Hubbell Foundation.


So Ya Wanna Be a Broadway Star?©

Talent development feedback from professional entertainment industry and Broadway stars…

NPT understands that entertainment industry networking is crucial to success.  Event mentees and participants access a star-studded team of NYC Broadway professionals, such as casting directors, conductors, composers, and actors serving as event judges. Participants receive constructive “real world” feedback and positive advice for talent development.  Broadway, Movie and TV industry professionals, such as Paul Bogaev, Jamibeth Margolis, and Richard Sabellico have participated as event judges.


“Mentoring Out of the Box” is a value that advances New Paradigm Theatre Co.’s mission of fostering creative problem solvers, leaders, and global citizens through theatre arts education and productions.

PrintNPT’s “Mentoring Out of the Box” initiatives like “So Ya Wanna Be a Broadway Star?” are made possible by the Harvey Hubbell Foundation.


Mentoring Out of the Box:
Master Class, College Lectures & Internships

Coaching, developing and linking the student to a Broadway, Film and TV star
Master classes, college-level lecture series and internships are “Mentoring Out of the Box” initiatives that enhance and boost student educational resumes with job readiness and talent development activities for small group and individual settings.

Artistic Director Master Classes

mentoring khOur Producing Artistic Director, Kristin Huffman, conducts and judges master classes and national competitions throughout the country.

She also runs master classes for theatre arts performance and voice instruction for high school and college students throughout New England.


mollyCollege Lecture Series: Creative Leadership & the Biz of ShowBiz
NPT’s master teaching artists run college lecture series on creative leadership, with a career exploration session on the business of show business at various colleges.

NPT’s “Mentoring Out of the Box” initiatives like our College Lecture Series are made possible by the Harvey Hubbell Foundation.

NPT’s College Intern Program
Broadway professionals and master level instructors educate interns with real life prep for job readiness.  Interns often perform as singing waiters at events, and even deliver live commercials, which college interns produce and perform during the show for “business” sponsors.

College interns also have the opportunity to attend master classes with Broadway, Film and TV professionals, along with leadership opportunities mentoring NPT’s Youth Board of student leaders throughout the year.

College interns invited to participate were selected from the University of Hartford, Pace University, Western CT State University, and NYU…

Sunday Spotlight©

A monthly, free, webinar co-produced by our Youth Board.  It features entertainment professionals from Broadway, film, television, commercials, and radio who run Q&A sessions.